Optimising Your Social Media Marketing Campaign: Brilliant Strategies To Follow

  Smart Insight reports that 80% of companies are under the perception that they deliver outstanding social media customer service, whereas only 8 % of their clients agree to that. Nowadays, social media networks offer more than a chatting, and photo-posting platform. If anything, it’s a perfect blend of social media and search engine optimisation (SEO). Note […]


Why Instagram Is The Top Channel For Recruitment (And How To Nail It)

If you want to find top talent for top roles, you need to fire on all cylinders. Your recruitment campaigns should be hard-hitting and far-reaching, spanning multiple channels to find only the best candidates. But arguably the top channel you need to incorporate into your recruitment strategy is Instagram. It’s big, growing, and effective at […]


4 Ways To Hone Your Creative Skills While Looking For Work

When you’re looking for work, it’s easy to get sucked into the job hunt black hole. Your days are spent trawling job sites and filling out applications, and you neglect to nurture your own skillset. Hunting for jobs can really sap your creativity. Don’t get sucked into the black hole and follow these four tips […]


2018 Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics

For a better understanding of your marketing results, it’s always a good idea to compare them with other marketers. This comprehensive infographic on ecommerce email marketing statistics will help you to catch up with the latest benchmarks in the field. Also, you may find extremely useful insights for your future marketing campaigns. The following infographic […]


How Should You Tackle The Job Market After Being Fired?

Being fired from your job is never an ideal scenario. The prospect can be daunting and stressful. Whenever you leave a job, you always hope it’s on your terms. Unfortunately for some, this simply isn’t the case. Whether it’s something that you’ve pre-empted but couldn’t control or it’s come as a complete shock, here are […]


Work or Pleasure? Two thirds of Brits have been romantically involved with a colleague.

66% of Brits have had a romantic liaison with a colleague One fifth (22%) of those work romances were with the boss But 59% of workplace relationships led to resignation at work With Valentine’s Day approaching, new data has revealed that UK workplaces are a breeding ground for romance. According to a new survey from […]


2018 Salary Survey

These salary guidelines are taken from placements in 2018 across our core markets of Product Management, eCommerce and Marketing.     For further information or to sign up to our newsletter, visit our website. Report by Doug Bates, Intelligent People, Data compiled by Kayleigh Welling & Kate Boucher, Intelligent People


Bullying in the workplace

The issues surrounding workplace bullying continue to rise and an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some statistics vary, but according to the TUC, almost half of safety representatives claimed bullying was a major issue in their company and that a third of people claim they’re being bullied at work. This shows that bullying doesn’t […]


2018 in numbers

Intelligent People work with the UK digital talent pool, partnering with Digital and Online businesses, identifying and engaging the best possible talent to support their business growth. For the 3rd year we have conducted in depth analysis of placements within the Digital and Online sector and are delighted to present our findings. Despite political and […]


New Year New Career

Xmas is over, dry January is in, everyone’s hitting the gym and you’re not sure whether to restart your job search or not; Brexit is looming, the media is crazed, the uncertainty of 2018 doesn’t seem to have cleared yet and we’ve all eaten too much cheese – what to do? Let’s look at the […]

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